How to get rid of cockroaches with smell, natural way, cockroach repellents, plants, oils. Latest studies show that some smells are very efficient on cockroaches. It’s observed that cockroaches do not enter into surroundings where some smells exist.

Cockroaches are very durable to hunger, they can stay alive without eating for a long time, but they have to drink water often. Because of that start the job from extinguishing water resources of cockroaches. Always keep your washing stand dry and clean. Also, keep your food covered, in the fridge. Fill the holes and cracks on the walls, this way you can avoid them.

In this infographic, you will find natural ways to get rid of cockroaches. For example, you can make a mixture by putting one tablespoon red pepper, crushed garlic and crushed or planed white onion into boiling pot. After it is cooled, put it in a spray bottle and apply to places where cockroaches live.

While lavender oil is a natural repellent against insects, including flies and fleas, it is not usually effective against roaches. But you can put in a mixture of oil to make it effective for flies and make mixture smells good.



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