Whether you are printing a single logo or a full promotional brochure, you want your marketing products to look sharp. Given this, it is important to understand the science behind color creation and printing techniques, so you can make educated decisions about how to produce the best images for every project.

This infographic provides valuable information about the color profiles and printing. You can read what is the difference between CMYK, RGB and Pantone as well as their use. For example, CMYK is used for printed materials while RGB is the color profile used for digital screens and devices. As for PMS, Pantone Matching System can be used to match accurately colors for anything from fabrics and paints to t-shirts and printed materials. Furthermore, knowing the differences between the color profiles can help you to understand how different printing processes work.

Read the full infographic below to learn more about the main color profiles and the variety of printing processes.


Source: http://thelogocompany.net/blog/logo-design/color-profiles-printing-explained/

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