Stuytown created a helpful moving checklist with handy moving tips to make moving in and moving out more feasible. Be sure to consult these handy moving tips before your next move. In fact, this infographic is focused on USA residents, but most of the tips are applicable worldwide.

There are some certain steps before moving apartment you should be aware of. Notify leasing coordinator of intent to move out.
When it comes to moving, get quotes from movers and book dates in advance. Choose wisely!

Next, sell or give away things you are getting rid of, or arrange for a charity to pick them up. One very important step is to get your mail redirected. The post office will redirect any misaddressed mail to you for the first year you move so any mail from companies, or individuals you have forgotten to alert will not get lost. Usually, you can do that online.

Furthermore, defrost freezer 24 hours before to prepare to move. Besides, take inventory of your personal belongings. Make sure you are the last to leave. Finally, do not forget yo obtain your security deposit.


Source: http://www.pcvstliving.com/nyc-apartments-amenities/move-in/moving-tips-infographic-checklist

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