Tired of hearing the expression, “New Year, new you?” Be smart about your goals in 2015. This new year’s resolutions infographic gives insight to revealing statistics about 2014’s New Year’s resolution failure rate, and explains a 3-step solution to making better, even successful New Year’s resolutions and goals.
For example, a paltry 8% of the U.S. population are reported to actually achieve their New Year‘s resolutions each year. This means that over 131 million Americans did not achieve their resolutions in 2014. This phenomenon can be explained, at least in part, to the way that willpower operates within the brain. Make smarter decisions about your goals in 2015 with the information contained in this infographic.


Via: http://blog.pumpup.co/post/106815836168/your-new-years-resolution-solution-2015-infographic

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