With the forthcoming fall and winter, it is vital to boosting our immunity to preserve our body from any illnesses. So, any tips how to boost immunity are welcome. That is why the following infographic is very useful. This health infographic shows 10 power foods that boost immunity. You can read about the benefits of cranberries, mustard seeds, mushrooms, pecans, chili, yogurt, pomegranate, garlic, oysters and artichokes for your health. For example, cranberries are a great source of potent antioxidants.

Furthermore, pecans are rich in manganese that is a powerful antioxidant as well. As far as artichokes are concerned, they are rich in Vitamin C and folic acid. Another amazing power food that will boost immunity is the yogurt. The main reason for that is the probiotics found in yogurt. This list would not be complete without garlic, which has been used as a natural antimicrobial to fight infections. For more information about the other power, foods read on the infographic below.


Source: http://www.listfitness.com/10-power-foods-that-boost-immunity/

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