This infographic provides the 101 of vinyl banners. With it, you will learn all the materials in a banner and the most popular sizes. You will also learn all the different vinyl banner uses and applications!

This infographic describes the most common material and other recommended materials. What is more, you will find information about the grommets and banner hem tapes. Another important feature of the infographic is the comparison between matte vinyl and gloss vinyl.

Next, there are several types of vinyl banners and their useful time ranges from 3 to 5 years. According to the infographic, vinyls are usually printed with aqueous and solvent based. Vinyl lettered banners were produced by applying individual elements cut from self-adhesive vinyl by a computer-driven vinyl cutter.

As for the vinyl banner sizes range from a small 2×2 up to a giant 5×50 foot. Finally, the infographic provides vinyl banner applications.



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