The infographic outlines a series of eye-opening statistics in relation to the extent of absenteeism in Australian businesses, detailing the cost to companies and reasons for large-scale absenteeism. Moreover, the infographic illustrates an action plan how to combat this phenomenon, which at present is worryingly high in Australia.

According to the statistics, the rate by which employee absenteeism has risen since 2010. When it comes to the cost to business, the average cost of absenteeism per day is $340, having risen from $308 in 2013.

Furthermore, among the industries with the most absenteeism are transport and logistics, travel, tourism and hospitability. An interesting fact is that 3 in 5 organisations are not recording absence accurately.

Absenteeism is 2 days higher among those who strongly agreed that they had an entitlement culture in their organisation.
It is reported that the most common reasons for employees to ask for time off are illness, including colds and flu, headaches and gastro, plus home and family responsibilities. The more interesting fact in the infographic below.


Source: https://www.ayers.com.au/corporate/hr-solutions/

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