Ash Tutors’ infographic features tips and tricks parents can use in getting to read with their children at home. This infographic may also come in handy for busy parents to glance at during their reading sessions with their child.

One of the tips includes tracking the words by using a pen, ruler or simply your finger. Another is making a list of the words that’s hard to read, and review them at the end of the current session, then review it again at the start of the next session. Lastly, you may also try reading the digital material as there are many interactive reading applications readily available.

Use a variety of strategies to read the unfamiliar words – use context clues, picture clues (sparingly), build the word up (blend) using known phonic sounds (s-n-a-p=snap). It is handy to have a pencil and paper at the ready to show words with similar patterns. Read regularly and try digital reading material too. Go with the flow and make it fun. After all, consistency is vital.



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