It’s a hot sunny afternoon and you keep thinking of ways to make it more bearable. You turn the fan on, take off your scarf, drink more water but it’s still not enough. Whether you are at home, relaxing in the sun, or struggling to think clearly at work, a refreshing heat-rescue is at your fingertips.

Grab two of your favourite tea bags, put them in one cup and make your tea. Pour the strong brew into a glass filled with ice and enjoy the first sip of your cool and flavourful home made iced tea. If you like, give it an extra zest by adding lemon juice, mint leaves or a pinch of sugar. It’s that simple as you see in the following infographic!


Source: http://www.zestaceylontea.com/blog/how-to-brew-the-perfect-cup-of-iced-tea/

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