It is estimated that 3 million tons of plastic foam are produced each year in the U.S. Of these 3 million tons, 2.3 million tons end up in the landfill, where they could take 500 years to break down. This is hazardous to not only the environment, animals, oceans, and marine life, but also to human health. Plastic foam contains toxins such as benzene and styrene, which are carcinogens known for being hazardous to human health.

Thankfully, many cities such as New York City, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland have already taken action to ban plastic foam from being used in public facilities.

So, the following infographic explores the truth about styrofoam and provides valuable information about this polystyrene foam. What is more, the infographic describes more about the use and disposal as well as human health impact of styrofoam. Furthermore, you will find some alternatives to plastic foam so read on the infographic below.



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