The following infographic illustrates seven simple rules of negotiation. Think and follow these rules before any negotiations or contracts in order to be sure in your success. Negotiation skills are very important when comes to reaching an agreement. There are many negotiation tactics in the business books, but the negotiation process depends on many factors. The given rules are not groundbreaking and you might know them.

However, not putting them into action when you start negotiating could have negative results. First of the rules is always to tell the truth. It sounds very simple and popular saying, but integrity cannot be seen very often nowadays.

You should also use walk-away power as well as the phrase „that’s not good enough”. It is very good idea to use the „If I” technique. On the other hand, always remember that silence is powerful. Of course, using cash is another well-known negotiation technique.


Source: http://www.counzila.com/

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