Have you ever wondered how to tie your neck-tie ? Do you know what is Kelvin knot or Hanover knot? You think that you know many tie knots but you haven’t heard about Victoria knot or Trinity knot. The inforaphic below depicts 18 ways how to tie your neck-tie step by step.

You will find information about how common is the tie knot, difficulty to tie, knot size, and knot shape. What is more, some of the depicted knots are common and easy to tie (Four in hand knot) while others are not so common but are also easy (Nicky knot, Oriental knot, etc.). We believe that every classy man should know at least three tie knots and tie a necktie in just a few seconds.

Check out the following fashion infographic and learn how to tie your necktie.


Source: http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/how-to-tie-necktie-chart/

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