One of the biggest growth areas in our business here at The Logo Company is the design of logos and other graphics for use on social media sites. What makes this an opportunity specific to designers is that each of the social media platforms has different size and shape requirements for uploading and displaying logos. Whether you use Social Media for reaching potential customers, interact with people, or to generate content, Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses.

The following infographic depicts some of the most popular online networks and their impact on people. For example, 350 million photos are uploaded every day. Besides, about 144 million friend requests per day are sent compared to 216 million sent messages per day. As for Twitter, more than 500 million tweets are generated every day. However, the number of Twitter users is only 645 million opposed to more than 1 billion Facebook users. Furthermore, it seems that Pinterest is a female driven social network as the majority of Pinterest users are female.

Turning to LinkedIn, the users of this professional social network are less than 300 million. Additionally, check out the provided Google+, Instagram and YouTube statistics in the infographic below.



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