Whether it’s a job interview, or a serious relationship talk, communication is essential – and having a few tricks up your sleeve can’t hurt. Online Psychology Degrees has created an infographic entitled “9 Simple Conversation Hacks: How to Turn Any Interaction in Your Favor” giving you a few tips to get any conversation to turn your way. The infographic shows simple psychological tools needed to take advantage in almost any type of interactions.

First, saying thinks like „only if you want“ allows other people to feel in the control and not forced. What is more, the infographic illustrates the six principles of persuasion such as authority and credibility, likeability, consistency, popularity. Next, ask for more than you want. According to the infographic, more men have asked for a pay raise. Furthermore, stop talking. Can you believe this advice? However, you should be silent more than you speak.

Check out the full infographic below for the full list of simple conversation hacks for success.


Source: http://www.online-psychology-degrees.org/conversation-hacks/

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