Since the U.S. Presidential elections, many people have been wondering why America can’t be more like Canada. Whilst Trump criticised Canadian President Justin Trudeau, on the day he was elected, Canada’s immigration website crashed due to thousands of inquiries. With liberal politics, universal health care and Tim Hortons, the benefits of life in Canada are easy to see.

As Trump becomes U.S. president, this tongue-in-cheek infographic asks; Why does Canada ‘Trump’ America?

The skiing is better. Whistler rated #1 ski resort in North America. On the American side, you look onto massive industrial complexes in distance, whereas on the Canadian side you look upon trees, countryside, and, you know, actual waterfalls…

Canada has 3 million lakes – more than the rest of the world combined. What is more, Canada has the world’s longest (official) national highway stretching from St John’s to Victoria. Forget the American Dream – in Canada you can be a Jedi, as it is an official state-sanctioned church.


Source: http://www.canadianaffair.com/why-canada-trumps-america

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