Before you share a news story how can you check you are not inadvertently spreading misinformation? This infographic will help you understand how to spot fake news and what to do about it.

Fake news has been the fuss in the last two years and everybody is talking about it nowadays. But what is the definition of fake news? In the infographic fake news is explained as false news or propaganda published under the guise of being authentic news. Today’s fake news is nothing new, what is new however is that the prevalence of social media platforms has led to a diversification in how people are accessing news which in turn has created a surge of fake, fraudulent or manipulative content masquerading as genuine news.

The infographic describes the list of mandatory steps you should execute before you share a news story. First, check the source and then evaluate the message. You should research the author and double check the information. Try to escape the echo chamber of social media and do not hesitate if you need to ask the experts for a second informed opinion to be sure about the authenticity of the news in question.



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