Ever since vaping has existed, it has been promoted a healthier alternative to smoking. There’s no doubt about the truth in that statement. But for our infographic we wanted to focus on the other negative impact of cigarettes: on the environment.

In order to create an environmental feel, we relied on a lot of blue and green in the colour scheme. With such a design, we then started bringing forth our hard hitting facts. Smoking impacts the quality of the air around us when vaping does not. There’s the litter from cigarette butts, which plague cities worldwide. Then there’s the impact of tobacco farms and the trees cut down to make cigarette paper.

In the end, we make a clear case for why cigarettes are bad for the environment packaged an accessible way that helps get our point across even further. This information is so important because it’s clear we all benefit when people switch to vaping, both people and the planet alike.



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