You may not think the busy intersections of Philadelphia are dangerous, but a majority of the United States’ car accidents are committed at intersections! The sheer amount of these types of collisions in unbelievable at first, but after thorough research and data collection we saw the truth and neatly organized the data in this infographic. From bar graphs of crashes related to age group to shocking averages, this is jam packed with unexpected information that’ll blow you away. If 165,000 accidents occur annually due to a red-light runner, imagine what else can be said about the deaths in that time span alone.

These car accidents could be involving a pedestrian or bicycle rider as well! Understanding the dangers of a cluttered intersection is crucial to our safety and survival. The undeniable truth is here waiting for you within this infographic, after reading this you will never cross the street without looking both ways again! The Wieand Law Firm takes great pride in assisting those who have had their life altered due to a car accident or has been affected negatively by an accident. Educating people about the unseen dangers out there and providing valuable information is what we take great pride in.



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