The study highlighted in the infographic reveals a whole lot of extremely interesting and useful info on prices of running shoes and their ratings. It turns out that paying more money won’t (at least not definitely) give you a better result in terms of what quality you get with your running shoes (comfort, etc).

The evidence is based on analyzing a huge database of reviews (134,867 reviews), 391 running shoes and 24 brands. The guys who carried out the study were Jens Jakob Andersen (a former competitive runner and teacher in statistics at Copenhagen Business School) and Wojciech Fedyszyn (Polish assisting statistician).

The study provides proof that more expensive running shoes actually get worse rankings than their more affordable counterparts. The infographic also contains a great brand matrix that allows you to see at a glance the most expensive, the most affordable and most loved/unloved (by runners) brands.


Source: http://runrepeat.com/expensive-running-shoes-are-not-better-than-more-affordable-running-shoes-study

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