All Jewish celebrations, from holidays to weddings, include wine as a symbol of our joy and blessings (not to mention a practical way to increase that joy !). In honor of the four glasses of wine we drink during the Passover seder, Naomi Levy, assistant bar manager at Eastern Standard, created four original (and tasty!) cocktails inspired by different parts of the seder.

This infographic illustrates the four cocktails and how to prepare each of them. First, the Spring Remembrance is inspired by the dipping of parsley into salt water during the Passover seder. The cocktail recipe incudes vodka, lemon juice, syrup, parsley leaves.

Next, the Mortar recipe is a play on the Manhattan, which was invented by Winston Churchil’s mother. Furthermore, the Parting of the Sea represents Jewish ancestor’s exodus from Egypt. Finally, the dessert coctail named Rebirth represents rebirth and renewal.



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