The following infographic shows how CCTV is used in criminal investigations. It was fascinating to research about the different stages of using CCTV evidence in investigating a crime, as well as the multiple observation purposes of cameras – they can be zoomed out to capture a broad area, or highly focused in order to clearly identify a suspect.

According to the infographic, the common uses of CCTV for police are training, robbery investigation, crime scene processing, undercover surveillance.

Next, the performance standards for CCTV comprise observation, detection, recognition and identification. On the other hand, common CCTV problems can include poor lighting, subject being too small or not in view for long enough.

Among the immediate benefits of CCTV in an investigation listed in the infographic are identification of suspects, witnesses, and vehicles, providing evidence of reconnaissance by a suspect and more.

Furthermore, the infographic describes the process for retrieving CCTV footage, steps in disseminating CCTV footage and guidelines for using CCTV footage as evidence.



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