Teens these days are getting older at younger ages. They have access to unlimited information, they’re having conversations about adult topics with their friends, and their growing brains and developing personalities are trying to figure out what to do with it all. While we’re still figuring out how to filter their phones, teach them valuable morals, and urge them to make smart choices when parents aren’t around, there are some definite “Do’s” when it comes to teaching them about life.

Finances, health, work ethic, social skills, and basic survival skills are all things teens need to succeed as adults. Parents can ensure their teen is ready for the “real world” by teaching them the basics of life: managing their money, learning to plan and cook balanced meals, teaching them to reach goals and make deadlines, providing them with opportunities to socialize and have healthy relationships with their peers, and emergency preparedness for automotive, health, and other emergency situations.

They may not be all-stars and millionaires in the future, but with a good handle on the basics, they will be healthy, happy, and well-adjusted adults.



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