The infographic below reveals the routine of creative people worldwide. If you wonder how to live like a creative this infographic guide will expose the secrets of creative people and their daily habits. The step-by-step guide illustrated in the following infographic is based on the daily habits of 2000+ pros.

In the first place, wake up in the morning at your downtown apartment and recall your dreams. It is reported that 50% of the professionals live in an apartment, condo, or loft. Another interesting but not surprising statistics reveals that 67% of the surveyed drink coffee in the morning.

At 10:00 am grab a pen, jot down some notes and start producing something real. According to the infographic, 20% of the pros are most productive from 10am to 1pm. After work power down and go for a run, while streaming music through your earbuds. The majority of surveyed pros admit that work out once a week at least.

Read the full infographic below to go deep into the routine of creative people and get some inspiration from their daily habits and lifestyle.



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