Fci is the largest furniture design showroom in UK. We have been in service for the last 30 years. When it comes to detail, we have a keen eye meaning our furniture come in the latest designs. Across Europe, we know all industry professionals that range from factory owners to export managers. This means that we know our job right, and we love every brand that we work with as well as the work we do.

We strongly insist on quality. Therefore, whenever we sense that some brand has gone down on quality production we step aside. We do not work with these kind of companies until they resolve their brand. Quality therefore is always assured to our clients. Every company’s brand we work with is always investigated carefully. Before any of them gets to the floor of our showroom, we are always sure that it is 100% good and what we insist on is quality. If there is anything to boast about, that has to be our interior design services.


Source: http://www.fcilondon.co.uk/calligaris.html

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