Nowadays IT trends are fluctuating significantly. They are changing every single minute and the process is inevitable. However, it seems that some particular IT trends affect business and other areas of our life tremendously. The following infographic shows how 4 IT trends are changing the business structure.

We could say without any doubts that computing is everywhere, anywhere and at any time. Faster internet will translate to „computing everywhere”, and businesses should look at how they can take full advantage of that.

As for Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT), it could be said that is already expanding to wearable technology and a wide range of other devices. However, many of the users of these devices are not aware of all threats and security risks which make business invest in security protocols and sound management of those devices.

Furthermore, here comes the online storage and large data centres. These could be foreseen as one of the biggest and most lucrative potential hacker targets.

Finally, browser based business activity also changes the business structure. Take a look at the infographic below to read more.



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