You probably have a lot of questions when it comes to choosing a storage option. Which one is cheapest? Which one takes the least amount of maintenance? How will the storage option help your business?

This infographic attempts to help answer some of these questions by breaking down the cost, time, and space required to maintain on- premise and cloud storage. Backed up by data, this informational infographic will help you make an informed decision on which storage system will best fit your needs. While this information can be difficult to piece together online, this infographic will give you everything you need up front to make the right choice.

The infographic also offers an alternative to the on-premise vs. cloud decision: the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud offers features from both on-premise and cloud storage. For those who are having trouble making a decision or want more flexibility with security, this could be a viable option.


Source: http://skysync.com/

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