Australia has become the world’s most powerful force in surfing. With more than 30,000 km of coastline, Australia is blessed with beaches, reef and point breaks to challenge even the most experienced board-rider. Take a look at the history of surfing in Australia.

According to the infographic, the Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku demonstrates the ancient Hawaiian board riding technique in Sydney, New South Wales in 1914.

Later on, in 1924 Claude West wins the inaugural Australian Board Riding Championships. Then in 1957 Australian film „Service in the Sun” set in Bondi Beach shows hot-dogging and brings surfing to the masses, luring young Aussies towards a freer surfing lifestyle. Several years after that, first ever World Surfing Championship held at Manly Beach with 65,000 spectators. First ever World Surfing Championships were crowned – Bernard Farrelly and Phyllis O’Donnell.

Furthermore, Mark Richards wins his first World Championship back in 1979. Two years later, Aussie Simon Anderson designs the three fin „Thruster” surfboard. Read the full infographic about the history of surfing in Australia below.



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