Is there a worse thing than being lost?

You hate it. I hate it. Everyone hates being lost. So, why do so many ecommerce stores make their shopping experience a series of walled gardens?

It’s a shockingly easy thing to do. Are you guilty of this? Do you categorize then display your products on pages you think make the most sense? Maybe you’ve even polled a few of your customers or dug into your analytics to build out your categories.

None of that is a bad thing, not of itself. You’re doing what you’re suppose to do. “Think like your customer.” It’s the epitome of a cliche, but it’s truth is so simple, it’s easy to miss.

Here’s the thing, when you try to anticipate how your shoppers are going to think and shop, you’re already losing.

Your shoppers are complex. They’re vastly different from each other. And frankly… they’re weird. They never do what you expect them to do.

That’s where dynamic navigation comes in. It relieves you the burden of being a psychology major and it lets your shoppers direct how they want to shop.

Dynamic navigation’s biggest benefit is letting your shopper shop by what is most important to them – showing only what they care about and hiding the rest.



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