Feeling anxious or worried is bound to happen to all of us at sometime or another. Experiences with anxiety are a normal part of life. However, anxiety symptoms can develop into a mental illness for some individuals. When this happens, worries become debilitating, interfering with your daily life.

It is not always easy to tell if your symptoms are a true mental illness or just the normal amount of worry. Certain situations, especially the ones we don’t like, can cause our anxiety symptoms to spike. Moving, changes in relationships, financial troubles and speaking in public can all trigger these spikes. If your anxiety has spiked out of control it might be time to seek professional help.

This infographic will help you find the perfect moment to seep professional help for anxiety symptoms.


Source: https://infograph.venngage.com/ps/NALhOgVDcs/when-to-seek-professional-help-for-anxiety-symptoms

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