Surprise OSHA inspections can occur for several reasons. If your business reported an injury to OSHA, if or if it is part of an industry that has been experiencing an increase of injuries it could invite an inspection. If your business has had other violations, or an employee reports an OSHA violation, it could result in an inspection. Less likely, but still possible is a completely random inspection (OSHA only has 2,200 inspectors nationwide).

In the event that you do get an inspection, this infographic gives a rundown on what you can expect to occur. Being prepared for what will happen can help you get through the inspection and the aftermath.

The following infographic explores the four main parts of OSHA inspections. Read more about the presentation of credentials, opening conference, tour, and the closing conference. Finally, the results of an OSHA inspection will arrive by certified mail. More information regarding the possible violations and penalties is provided as well.


Source: https://www.creativesafetysupply.com/

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