As kids, we were taught that the prices of fruits and vegetables can vary widely, depending on the time of the year. She told me it was best to buy produce in season when they are cheapest and freshest. This infographic showcases what fruits and vegetables are in season month by month.

During the winter, you should consider tangerines, chestnuts, bacon, avocado, pomegranates, asparagus, pomelo, taro root, green onions, fennel, passion fruit, etc. These are divided into all winter months so check all of them in this infographic.

Next, when the spring comes you should focus on artichoke, broccoli, beets, loquats, butter lettuce, dandelion green, green garlic, arugula, nopal, mizuna, etc.

During June, July and August go for figs, eggplant, summer tomatoes, blueberries, okra, sweet peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, celeriac, ginger root, potatoes, chiles, mulberries, etc.

As fall is coming now, put on your table some apples, sunchokes, kale, bitter melon, walnuts, star fruit, limes, chicory, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, tatsoi, etc.


Source: http://www.thebudgetdiet.com/buy-fruits-and-vegetables-in-season

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