If you own a brick and mortar business, you cannot forget about local SEO. It is a key building block of every marketing strategy. Why? Consumers still like to visit businesses in real life. But they tend to do their research online first. If you want your spot to appear high up in the SERPs, you need to take care of local SEO.

The top ranking factors for local SEO are link signals, on-page signals and behavioral signals. You can improve all three of these factors using content. 90% of marketers use content to build links, after all. On-page content helps you send out on-page signals to Google. And behavioral signals such as CTR are directly related to content – you need engaging, quality content if you want your clicks to count.

How do you optimize your content for local SEO? The following infographic has some excellent ideas you can use on your own blog. For instance, write guest posts and cover local events to get backlinks to your blog. Optimize your posts for local keywords. Report on local news and create local interest pieces to engage your local community.

Don’t forget that local SEO has power. And content is queen when it comes to upping your local rankings.



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