Have you ever wondered how to make rainbow roses? They are colorful and great addition your home decor. Therefore, the following infographic illustrates the process how to DIY rainbow roses step by step. In general, there are 5 main steps you should be aware of.
Picking up a fresh and beautiful white rose with a stem of 8-9 inches is just the start. If you do not have an own garden then visit the nearest flower shop.

Next, we will continue with four water-based colors that should be highly different from each other. A high contrast combination is desired such as yellow-purple, yellow and blue, etc.

Furthermore, mix the ingredients and drops of colors until the water becomes opaque, dense. After that cut, the rose stem almost 6 inches lengthwise, as illustrated in the infographic below.

Finally, you have four recipients with color and four stem segments. The infographic provides tips for a better result. You are advised to use only white roses as well as the colored water mixture must be perfect.


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