Every traveller from around the world looks for a Euro-Tour in his life. Moreover, Europe is rich of breath-taking cities and towns that make it one of the most astonishing world destinations to travel to these days. The following travel infographic shows the coolest small towns in Europe. Among these outstanding cities in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, England and Austria. For example, the town of Cesky Krumlov is one of the oldest and smallest villages in Europe.

Furthermore, the Italian town of Palmanova is a town that stands out for its outstandingly unique 18-sided octa decagons shape. Another must-see cool small town is the beautiful town Rothenburg ob der, Tauber. Not to forget the labelled as one of the most beautiful villages amongst the bustling towns of England – Bibury. Last but not least, located in the Austrian district of Krems-land – Durnstein is a small under-rated town.

Coolest Small Towns in Europe


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