While older generations seemed to slowly warm to the internet, every year, more and more seniors are using it as a way to connect with friends, do shopping, get education, and even book travel. Accredited Online College has created an infographic entitled “Silver Surfers: Internet Usage among Older Generations”, detailing how older generations are using the internet almost as much as younger generations. Nowadays the Internet is not just for tweens and young socialites.

In fact, a large population of Internet users are 50 and older, utilizing the Web for social media, shopping and even education. This infographic looks at why the stereotype of the not-so-tech-savvy Baby Boomer is more than faulty. According to the stats in the infographic, almost 1in 5 of Twitter users are over 50. Moreover, the average amount of time Baby Boomers 47-65 spent on the Internet in 2012 is 27 hours per week.

Consequently, the number of adults 50+ who use the Internet has grown significantly in the past 12 years as illustrated in the infographic. Check out this infographic related to silver surfers for more interesting facts and statistics.


Source: http://www.accredited-online-college.org/internet-usage/

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