The latest movie about the British superspy James Bond „Spectre” is broke the box offices. The new 007’s movie generated more than $70 million just a few days after the USA premiere. So, millions of people watched the movie and many of them are interested in the outfit and accessories of Daniel Craig. That is why, the following James Bond infographic was designed. The infographic illustrates the glamorous James Bond‘s sunglasses and accessories in Spectre.

First, when it comes to watches James Bond definitely knows best. In Spectre, he is equipped with limited edition Omega Seamaster 300. Furthermore, if you are interested in the cutting edge spy technologies then check out the Sony Xperia Z5 „Made for Bond” edition. Finally, speaking for the Daniel Craig’s sunglasses the infographic showcases all of them. Among the sunglasses Agent 007 wears in Spectre are Tom Ford Snowdon, Tom Ford Henry and Px Vuarnet.

Check out the full infographic to learn how much Bond’s shoes and beverages cost as well.


Source: shadestation.co.uk

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