We know we all need protein in our diets – it is essential to building and maintain lean muscle to boost performance. But have you ever wondered how much protein you need? Find out using Myprotein’s beginners’ infographic guide to how much protein you need!

This handy infographic helps you tailor your diet to your needs. The amount of protein you need depends on your body weight as well as the type of sport you do, based on two main categories: strength or endurance. There is a wide variety of animal and plant-based foods that can fulfil your daily protein requirements as well as supplements to boost your intake.

Next, depending on the sports, you practise your protein intake varies. The strength sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, rugby and CrossFit demand a protein intake, at least, 1.6g per kg/day. On the other hand, the Endurance sports including distance running, tennis, football and triathlon require at most 1.6g protein per kg/day. Read the full infographic below and find out how to eat all that protein needed for your body.



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