This infographic explains how much home automation can really cost. Home automation provides the luxury of keeping tabs on your home at all times.

The infographic informs that you can remotely monitor your lights, thermostat, security, locks, and garage.

Benefits include savings and convenience. In terms of lighting, this means saving energy and money by dimming or turning off lights while you are away. Monitor your home while you are away from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Rest assured by checking in on kids & pets while you are away from home. Moreover, remotely control your thermostats while away to ensure heating & cooling costs stay low. On average, heating and cooling make up 56% of your energy bill.

It is estimated that on average, people with home automation receive home insurance savings of 20%. Read also how to automate your home in 3 easy steps.


Source: https://www.livsecure.com/

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