Despite being four words and 14 letters long, „Will you marry me?” is likely to be the most crucial question you will ask in your life. No matter how many times, though. That is why, your honest desire is everything to be perfect when you say the sacred words. Therefore, the following infographic explores 10 romantic and picturesque places to pop the Question.

So, if you need inspiration for choosing the ideal destination for you marriage proposal read on the infographic below. This infographic provides interesting stats about proposals. Among the 7000 UK surveyed people, the most popular date to propose is 24 December. Surprisingly, 2 out of 5 women would prefer to be asked for their hand in marriage via social media.

As for the idea, places to pop the Question are Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, OIA, Taj Mahal and Cliffs of Moher. Besides, there are some handy tips for choosing a proposal location to make the moment amazing.



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