SEO is the most powerful, super engaging and the best digital marketing tool for any business.

Every blogger, marketers, YouTuber, SMEs or big enterprises can not expect their growth by ignoring search engine optimization marketing into their business.

People may expect more in a short time and get disappointed with the SEO result. Also, if anyone practices SEO in the wrong way or use black hat techniques, then he can never get a fruitful result.

SEO is not a short term target where you can shoot in the dark and get unexpected results. Things are changes now with the smart Artificial Intelligence and thousands of updates done by Google over the last few years.

Doing SEO in 2020 requires almost 103 factors of Google’s ranking, where the great mix of 100+ inputs can make your result tremendous.

The Blue Oceans Group created an excellent SEO Checklist that consists of complete 103 Google’s ranking factor.

Let’s dive into the wealth of SEO knowledge and grasp the super useful kinds of stuff available on the internet. It can make your website from scratch, and your business can take the J curve with huge conversions and profit.


Source: https://www.theblueoceansgroup.com/seo-checklist/

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