Do you have posture problems? Do you have pain? Let’s fix your terrible posture with these top 10 ways listed in the infographic below.

First, do posture correcting exercises. However, if you have serous posture issues or pain, you should consult a doctor.

Second, fix your workstation. Figure out the ideal desk height, level it with your knees and set up an ergonomic workplace.

Hold your phone and tablet properly. Try holding your phone straight in front of you and propping your tablet up.

Use apps to improve your posture. Nekoze incorporates a cat (icon) warning you when you are slouching. Build your own posture sensor for your chair.

Learn to breathe properly. Adjust your posture in every situation. Sit at a 135 degree angle. Do yoga or work on your core strenght. Test your back and neck posture against a wall. Get the balance board for the Wii Fit.



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