Carpenter ants are nuance insects that can invade your home and establish a colony fairly quickly. Carpenter ants burrow into wooded materials to create their nests there. Therefore, they can cause a lot of damage to wooden elements of your home and compromise the structural integrity of the building.

The following infographic that can help identify this type of ants and provides information on how to prevent damage and eliminate a possible infestation is created by The infographic also includes common areas to inspect in your house to detect a carpenter ant colony and prevent it from spreading to other locations.

There are several species of carpenter ants that may be found infesting homes and other buildings. Winged queen ants may be as large as one inch. Carpenter ants do not eat wood, but they create galleries and tunnels for nesting in wood and can damage wooden structures. The infographic depicts the life cycle of carpenter ants and provides interesting facts as well.

Carpenter ants are mainly predators, consuming a variety of insects; sugary substances are frequently sought after. What is more, find out the reasons why carpenter ants are dangerous.

The most important and informative feature of the infographic is the list of tips how to keep carpenter ants away.


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