Determining how to market a business online is a tough decision. Essentially, the question boils down to three options: developing an in-house team of marketers, outsourcing to a large marketing firm, or seeking the help of a smaller and more specialized firm like Mod Girl Marketing. See the pros and cons of each option in the following infographic.

First, when taking the final decision cost should be considered. According to the infographic, the annual salary of all marketing professionals is $337,000. For example, the salary of a graphic designer is $53,000 compared to the higher salary of digital marketing manager.

Next, just 30% of marketers claim that their companies are highly proficient in digital marketing. So, working with an agency saves you extensive training programs and expensive training fees.

Finally, you should always keep up with the latest marketing trends. As stated in this infographic, in-house marketers do not have enough time to read up the latest social media, SEO, content marketing and branding news. On the other hand, digital media agencies invest time into keeping abreast of the latest trends.



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