These days, people accepted the fact that plastic is harmful for our environment. Plastic bags never decomposed completely and they cost a lot if we go to recycle those. So, they impact wildlife and our planet negatively.

On other hand, organic cotton reusable bags have fully recycling properties and you can also make unique doormats by braiding pieces of old cotton bags. You can also sew the old ones together to make new sturdy bags.

Cotton bags are extremely versatile and multi-functional products. You can use cotton reusable grocery bags for different purposes. From carrying items from the grocery store to storing items in the refrigerator, cotton bags are of great use. Cotton bags help to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for a reasonably long duration in these bags. With this, you do not have to worry about getting toxic chemicals into the food.

Every day, with almost 8-10 plastic bags make ways to your kitchen for carrying different products. Along with that, many small colorful plastic packets float around your home as these attract your children and pets. With cotton reusable bags, you can get rid of this clutter and make your home and environment clean.

Along with above, there are many more benefits of using cotton reusable grocery bags that Organic Cotton Mart mentioned in this infographic.



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