Everyone knows that smartphones have taken over the world and seem to be the one product teens can’t live without. They provide incredible tools and apps that simplify the world and increase our communication. But are smartphones actually impacting social skills and our ability to have a conversation with another person.

The infographic below illustrates how cell phones are ruinng communication. Acording to the infographic, nearly all adults have a cell phone nowadays. What is more, about 30% of them say they cannot live without their cell phone. As far as young adults are concerned, aged 18-29, they send on average 109 texts per day.

But how is that ruining communication? First, cell phone users may show any or all of the cited in the infographic below social problems such as family tension, bad grammar, missing out opportunities and memories.


Source: http://www.cupertinophone.com/blog/files/CellPhone-Ruin-Communication.html#sthash.tz98SbjQ.w46tjbch.dpbs

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