In the federal state of North Carolina, the civil litigation is handled by the following three courts: Small Claims/Magistrate Court, District Court, and Superior Court. As you may know, civil ligation is very complicated, and it is not just black and white. This infographic outlines the path to a trial in North Carolina Superior Court into 6 steps.

The aim of the infographic is to break down the levels of North Carolina civil court for the reader to understand the procedure.
On the one hand, the level of court your case is pursued in typically corresponds with the dollar amount of what you are suing for.
First, the plaintiff files the complaint. Next, the summons and complaint have to be delivered to the defendant.

Furthermore, here comes the so-called ‚Äěresponsive pleading” stage. Then, the process of discovery takes place. However, the last step on the path to Superior court trial. For the full roadmap to trial in North Carolina civil court check out the infographic below.



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