Refrigerators at home, in the office or an industry are usually the most overworked appliances. They are constantly running – day and night. The resultant consequence is that different parts wear out and malfunction when you least expect them to. Here is a breakdown of what each repair would cost you financially, and the signs to look out for.

The door has two crucial parts, the hinge, and handle/latch. A hinge connects the door to the main body of the refrigerator and allows it to rotate hence making it possible to open or close. Should it get damaged, you will need $11.21 to get a replacement. As for the handle or latch, you should be prepared with at least $38.32.

Inside the fridge, we have a seal or gasket which prevents air from outside getting in and air inside the freezer from escaping. The telltale sign to watch out for is when the door sweats inside or outside. Your best solution is to find another gasket which retails at $78.83.

The trays and shelves used for holding food in place are also prone to damages. New ones can be bought for $28.18, while the drawer or glides cost $37.48. Those who enjoy ice so much ought to know that their indulgence does not come cheap. A new icemaker costs not less than $65.19.

In case of water leakages from the refrigerator, check the condition of your valve. Chances are that it is worn out. Have a qualified fridge repair expert look at it, but be prepared to part with $52.43 for a quality and durable replacement.

Now, if you happened to open your fridge one night and the lights did not turn on, then you have a switch problem. Which can be solved easily and fast at a price of $29.70. It is such a small fee compared to a fridge owner who is dealing with a faulty motor. He needs an average of $64.22 to stop the annoying noise produced due to an ineffective motor.



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