The following infographic on the topic „Wealthiest Professionals in the World Under 35″ gives interesting information such as the estimated wealth of the three co-founders of Airbnb, Mark Zuckerberg, Yang Huiyan, Scott Daniel Duncan, Elizabeth Holmes, Brian Chesky, etc. You can read for all of them a lot of striking facts and what is the source of their wealth.

For instance, the CEO and co-founder of Asana, a software firm, Dustin Moskovitz was a key player in Facebook’s early days. However, he left Facebook to launch his company in 2008. Aged 31 now his wealth is estimated of $9.3 billion.

Another famous billionaire under 35 is Yang Huiyan. Her current position is vice chairman & board member of Country Garden Holdings. Back in 2013, she was the richest woman in China just a few years after her father transferred his shares to her prior to the company’s Hong Kong IPO.

Take a look at this engaging infographic to learn more about the life of all illustrated billionaires under 35.


Source: https://www.brightonsbm.com/

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