Everyone commutes in a different fashion. Whether that be alone, with a buddy, on a bike, or public transit. Either way, you can get from A to B in many ways. It turns out that the way people get to work and how fast they get to work varies greatly across the country. Some places are averaging the better part of the hour, while others are averaging 15-30 minutes.

In the rural parts of our country, there tend to be smaller commute times and less public transportation. Making citizens rely on commuting by their personal vehicles. As for highly populated regions, there is far more public transport, making car choices less key in an economy of gradually increasing gas prices.

No matter what type of commute you might be making, use it to your advantage. Consider using your commute as a time to reflect and work on your personal development. Whether by foot, on the bus, or in your car, take the time to listen to an audiobook or podcast. Contribute to your health by opting for healthy snacks along the way and review your daily goals.

Using your daily commute for enriching activity could potentially make the worst part of your day, the best. Check out CarMax’s breakdown of commuting throughout the country and see where you lie on the spectrum.



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