Appliances malfunction all the time, in homes and business premises too. How you deal with the breakdown is usually the greatest determinant of whether the appliance will work again, or you need to start shopping for a new item. Therefore, to save your appliance and yourself from unnecessary costs and expenses, here are a couple of useful tips on home appliance repair in the following infographic.

You need tools

Considering you will be the first person to notice the issues affecting your home appliances, some DIY repairs can be very helpful in fixing minor problems and alleviating the major ones. In that case, you will need more than just a screwdriver as a sidekick. There are dozens of affordable and well-stocked tool boxes available in the market. Buy one and store it in your house.

Once you have the tool box, go look for a multi-meter. You will need it to measure voltage and other important signals that identify faulty electrical components and wires.

Check the obvious issues

Every home appliance has its obvious problems which range from bad power settings to an unplugged cable. Always start with checking such problems before going deeper into the main components of the appliance.

Be sure to listen to moving parts. They have the highest failure rate which is caused by constant wear and tear. Any foreign noise coming from the fans and motors are clear tell-tale signs of an imminent malfunction.


Source: http://www.appliancerepairspretoria.com/blog/

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